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Runaway Pets

November 18, 2016

The reasons a pet decides to run away are many. Boredom, loud noises, separation anxiety, isolation and primal instinct are just a few common reasons. Rarely is it because of a personal slight -- pets don't tend to take offense -- but that doesn't mean your stress as a pet parent is any less. 


Necessary Nutrition

November 16, 2016

Just as routine preventive care for parasites, vaccinations and dental care are crucial as your pet ages into senior status, so are her nutritional needs. Easy access to food and fresh water at all times are two simple ways you can help your pet, but her changing nutritional needs go beyond that. 


Cancer in Pets

November 14, 2016

Hearing that your pet has cancer can be devastating and conjure up thoughts of the worst possible outcomes. But with groundbreaking advances in cancer treatment for pets in recent years, your pet can have many years of a high quality of life, even after a cancer diagnosis. 


Snubbing Diabetes

November 10, 2016

Diabetes in your pets is no more fun than it is for humans. And though pets are more apt to develop the disease later in life, it can still cause a number of health issues. Early diagnosis is important for dogs and cats alike. 


Eliminate Lepto

November 9, 2016

Perhaps you and your family, pets included, are traveling to a warmer part of the country for the holidays this year. After a long trip inside the car, everyone will likely want to stretch their legs -- and if the family dog is along -- perhaps take a dip in Uncle George's pond.